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Heroes Fanmix

Because it's all about the music.

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Welcome to Heroes Fanmix!
Heroes Fanmix is a fanmix comm with a twist. Not only are we all mixes, all the time, but we also issue monthly challenges with graphics prizes given to the most popular fanmixes!

What is a fanmix? A fanmix is a collection of tracks compiled and uploaded by fans with a cover and track listing. Usually a mix will have up to 12 songs on it. A fanmix is usually inspired by a particular show, character or pairing. That's why it's a fanmix and not just a mix.

What can we post here? Anything related to Heroes! We don't care whether you're into slash or het, Peter or Bennet, or like a particular episode above the rest. As long as you follow the community guidelines and you play nice, everything goes here!

When can we post? Anytime you like. Participating in the challenges is not mandatory. If you throw together a mix at 5 A.M. just for the fun of it, you can post it right away.

How do the challenges work? At the start of every month there will be a new challenge issued with a "theme" - this theme could be to create a mix for a particular episode or character or something completely off the wall (a "villains" mix or a "rock music" mix). Submissions will run until the third week of the month and then voting will begin. Whichever mix is the most popular will receive a prize.

What are the prizes? Graphics! Winners will either receive a header and matching friends-only banner for their journal or ten icons and a friends-only banner. Speaking nicely to the moderators may also get you a simple layout code to use your header with.

Can I post a music video here? Yes, but please read the F.A.Q. statement on the matter.

Basic Resources
A Quick Guide To Posting Your Fanmix

If you'd like to affiliate with heroes_fanmix, please leave a comment here. We are happy to affiliate with all Heroes related communities or journals.


Reading and understanding the rules is very important. It means that everything runs smoothly and there will be very little moderation. A lot of fanmix communities have to moderate every submission that comes in and we really don't want to go down that route. The rules are very clear and painfully simple - we'd very much appreciate it if you took a moment to familiarise yourself.

1. All fanmixes must have something to do with Heroes. We are happy to accept anything connected to the show
(episodes/characters/relationships/actors/themes) but if the fanmix is an any way unrelated to the show, your entry will be deleted, possibly without notification.

2. All fanmixes must include music and graphics (even if it's only your favourite picture with the title and the songs written on it). You cannot simply post a list of songs. That is not a fanmix, that is your favourite tracklist and it belongs in your livejournal, not the community. If you're unsure about what exactly a fanmix is or how to make one, you're looking for this post.

3. You may preview up to two images outside of a cut. These images must be thumbnailed and no larger than 200x200 pixels. Some of us are on dial-up folks, please be respectful of other people's flists.

4. Your mix must have eight tracks or above. A handful is not a mix, it's a handful of songs you like and this is not the correct place to share them.

5. Your mix must have the following header:
Title: (name of your mix)
Subject: (what your mix is about)
Notes: (if your mix contains music which is not .mp3 (such as.m4a) please let us know)

6. You must tag your own entries with your subject. Such as "hiro nakamura" or "parasite" or "hiro/ando".

7. No "anti" fanmixes. Hating on characters/actors/pairings is absolutely not allowed. Don't try it.

8. Song files should be deleted within 48 hours of being uploaded.

9. The moderators reserve the right to delete any and all offending posts without notification if they blatantly disregard the rules.

10. LJ-cuts are your friend! Use. One.

If you have a problem or a dispute, please do feel free to email either of the mods. For goodnightlady email goodnightlady [at] gmail [dot] com and for wickedgrdn email lil_kittykat26 [at] yahoo [dot] com. We aim to give you some sort of response within 24 hours. Please don't leave comments on the mods' personal journals demanding a quicker reply. It's incredibly rude.
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The members of this community are responsible for their own actions. The moderators of heroes_fanmix take no responsibility for the sharing of copyrighted files in this community and we do not encourage it.

Credit for the layout goes to premade_ljs and credit for the userinfo table goes to resplandor.